• What to know about That's Catch-22

    Written by Tadashi Satomi and originally published in 2004 in two parts across MediaWorks’ Digital Devil Saga: Avatar Tuner ~The Master Guide~ duology, That’s Catch-22 is a novella serving as the official prequel to Digital Devil Saga. So, what else is there to know?

    Set in 2014 America, That’s Catch-22 chronicles the events that lead Heat O’Brien and Serph Sheffield to meet amid their studies at Yale. The murder of Heat’s genetics professor — Henry Harris — sets the story into action as Heat is subsequently framed; however, Serph springs forth to present himself as a witness and unlikely ally, manipulating the verdict in his favor.

    That’s Catch-22 was fan-translated into English as of 2018. The first part — Lux — was posted in February, with the second part — Veritas — following in July. Both parts totaled approximately 23.3k words altogether.

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  • Quantum Devil Saga: Avatar Tuner 3 - Cast

    Subjects of the EGG Facility

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  • Quantum Devil Saga: Avatar Tuner 3 - Prologue

    Her voice lingers, forever ensconced in the numb depths of slumber. Connected as they were, intertwined through mind and spirit, as if he were a letter sealed with her limber wax and fastened by the press of a stamp. And yet the mark she left on him still remains.

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  • That's Catch-22: Veritas

    Chapter 7

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  • That's Catch-22: Lux

    Chapter 1

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