Subjects of the EGG Facility

  • Kazuki Homura, a licensed spiritual technician. Gifted with heightened empathetic capabilities.
  • Shin Minase, an acquaintance from Kazuki’s college years. Elder twin brother to Kei.
  • Kei Minase, Kazuki’s deceased spouse. Younger twin sister to Shin.
  • Seraphita, the little girl held within the EGG.
  • Cielo Alondra, an orphan currently protected by the EGG.
  • Marie Margot Cuvier, the leading authority in the research of Cuvier Syndrome.
  • Angel, a visitor shrouded in mystery. Usually observed attending to Madame Cuvier.
  • William van Beck, a regarded officer of the United States military. Advises studies at the EGG.
  • Anabella di Fiori, a systems engineer contributing to the EGG.