Her voice lingers, forever ensconced in the numb depths of slumber. Connected as they were, intertwined through mind and spirit, as if he were a letter sealed with her limber wax and fastened by the press of a stamp. And yet the mark she left on him still remains.

The echoes of her voice carry through the void, taking shape as a number of blue strands before they harden into sinews, binding him by his limbs. He is suspended, helpless, denied even the choice to struggle. And so he screams in the darkness, one desperate cry after another, left to fall on none but deaf ears:

Oh, forgive me! Please, forgive me!

He is cognizant that resolution is what his heart truly seeks. There had to be an end more fitting than this. These bitter memories were the last she left to him, for all physical items of her possession were disposed of after her death. Still, the fact remained that no more could be done to free him from the past.

If he so desired, it was possible to have his memory wiped. The means were within his reach for a man of a profession so sufficient. And yet he digressed. He chose to suffer, nurturing those moments as would a crow hoard glass beads in its nest.

They tore away at his soul, those last broken fragments of her, eliciting a pain so real it shone in his eyes. He was lost in the pursuit of her, chasing their first meeting to the hour of her death, each fleeting moment fading in and away one by one.

What could be done now to liberate her? Was it not salvation that she pleaded for at the end of her life? And if so, from whom? Was her wish made to him, or to her family—or was the embrace of death itself the salvation she sought?

Even if he were to ask, her answer would never be heard. So it goes, the echoes of his words shall be doomed to resound forever in solitude.

—Oh, forgive me! Forgive me!

The stillness swallows his voice. And so, once more he begins his descent into the depths of the darkness.

Through pain, through memories, through heartbreak, and through the unconscious, thus through dreams and through death.